Speech Key - Product Benefits

Product Benefits
Everyone benefits from the American Speech Key™
Easy to use with clear instructions to maximize comprehension, effective practice and noticeable improvement.
Exceptional audio quality - both male and female speakers pronouncing all the sounds of English in slow, clear, easy to understand instructions and practice exercises.
Systematic method - for changing speech patterns, including pronunciation, voice production, stress and rhythm.

Your Speech Coach
Speaking English clearly requires instruction, reinforced with practice, practice and more practice. The American Speech Key™ is the perfect coach to help achieve your goal of correctly pronouncing American English.

Benefits to Individuals
Develop more effective communication skills
Accelerate improvement with proven English pronunciation techniques.
Gain confidence to speak English in public settings
Be understood at work and socials activities.
Increase opportunities for advancement with improved speaking skills

Benefits to Business
Increase morale and loyalty by helping employees improve as individuals
Improve employee retention by offering valuable benefit
Better utilization of employee talents
Enhance customer relations through better communication
Innovate products and services with better feedback and collaboration

Speech Key Demo

Vowels: Learn to use your tongue, lips and jaw to properly form vowel sounds to speak more clearly.

Consonants: Animated graphics with sound gives you the ability to see and hear correct pronunciation instantly.

Intonation:Learn proper intonation, the "melody" of English, with easy step graphics.

Communicate more clearly
and effectively by learning how to properly form vowel sounds.
See Demo

Improve word recognition
by learning to hear & imitate the variations in consonant sounds
See Demo

Sound like a native speaker
by learning how to talk with proper rhythm and pitch.
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