Corporate Testimonials

Speechkey© is the new mobile version of the American Accent Program©

"We had outstanding positive feedback from managers of all 200 individuals who used your program. We feel so good about their successes, that we will be recommending your program to all our foreign-born employees in all our other divisions."

~ J.S., Software Division Manager, Unisys Corporation

"Johnny is a new person. For the first time, he feels confident of his speaking skills. As a result, he participates more effectively during our day-to-day discussions and during the 'in-the-hall' brainstorming sessions."

~ D.L., Section Manager, Rockwell International

"The American Accent Program is great! It's the highest quality program I have ever seen in accent reduction. I recommend it without qualification."

~ V.T., Manager/Technical Support, Taco Bell Corporation

"It's great! Even after 20 years in the U.S., this program has been helpful. People understand me better now, and I'm much more confident at work."

~ Mehdi Asgarinejad, System Engineer, Carmichael International

"If I had had this program 20 years ago, I know I would have been promoted sooner within my company. My communication skills are definitely better."

~ D.R., Operating Systems Programmer, Rockwell International

"I've never seen anything that has given people so much self-confidence. Your American Accent Program is superb."

~ J.F., Manager, Solder Mask

"All my life I have looked for a program like this. It really helped me."

~ V.S., Registered Nurse, Hospital of the Good Samaritan

"American Accent is an excellent program for improving pronunciation of English."

~ Roy Fujita, President, IdeaLink