Educational Testimonials

Speechkey© is the new mobile version of the American Accent Program©

"The American Accent Program, an ESL pronunciation and intonation tutor on interactive CD -ROM, is one of the best programs in my experience of publishing software reviews"

~ C.J.Wallia, Ph.D., Stanford University

"The computer version of the American Accent Program has added a fresh dimension to our language lab and stands alone as a valuable learning tool"

~ Samuel Vann, Lecturer, Intensive English Program, Noyes Language Lab, Cornell University

"The American Accent Program has been adopted into the intensive English program for international students"

~ Ruth Roys, University of California, Davis

"An excellent program presented in a clear and simple format for foreign born professionals"

~ Daniel Dato, Ph.D., Linguistics, Georgetown University

"The American Accent Program is by far the most comprehensive pronunciation program I've seen. It is the most popular software in our lab because students from many levels have found it to be an effective learning tool"

~ Carolyn Lord, Coordinator, Loft Writing Center Plus, North Seattle Community College

"The American Accent Program is the most used computer program in my ESOL class"

~ Rhonda Spilman, Bair Community School

"The ability of the American Accent Program to individualize instruction and training on pronunciation enabled the students to gain the confidence and skill they needed to participate in ESL and content area classes and to progress faster than they would have without the use of the program"

~ Margaret Phillips-Gladys, Scranton High School

"The results from using your program were so excellent that we have integrated the American Accent Program into our ESL curriculum"

~ George Kalmar, President, International Educational Service

"The Ford Language Institute has done a great service for the ESL teaching profession by providing a comprehensive pronunciation program that addresses the specific needs of the ESL student. The American Accent Program is highly respected"

~ Ronald Barasch, Ph.D., Center Director, ELS

"The American Accent Program is very popular"

~ Elizabeth Hernandez, Chicago Public Library